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Mission Statement

Our Mission

To function as the primary emphasis program representing the visual arts
disciplines. The department provides:

  1. diverse ideological positions, visual arts disciplines, teacher preparation and 

degree programs
  2. liberal arts core and elective courses for all BSU students
  3. a variety of local, regional, national and international visual art exhibitions and 

visiting artists and scholars

The central mission of the department is to provide students with the requisite technical skills and theoretical knowledge for competitive and successful careers as professional artists, art teachers, art historians, graphic designers and illustrators. The department provides professional practice and leadership in the represented disciplines through individual faculty research and creative activity. The departments programs emphasize creativity, proficiency in skill and technique, fluency in written and verbal communication, engagement with contemporary theory and criticism and an understanding of historical, social and aesthetic issues pertaining to art and visual culture. The department prepares students to situate their work within diverse cultural and visual contexts through the presentation of a range of viewpoints, projects, and studies designed to broaden their cultural perspectives.

Our Vision

To become a nationally recognized center of scholarship in the visual arts.