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Drawing and Painting

professor looking at students drawing

The Drawing and Painting program is designed to assist students in the application and understanding of technical, formal and conceptual issues in historical and contemporary drawing and painting. Through intensive studio practice and critical dialogue with peers, faculty and visiting artists, students are encouraged to broaden their awareness and develop their own personal expression.

student and professor standing over drawings

Lower-division courses emphasize the comprehension of drawing and painting as a fundamental visual language, and the development of basic skills. Intermediate and advanced courses focus on the relationship between the practice of drawing and painting and the communication of ideas.

The Drawing and Painting program is situated in the Arts West building (old Campus School) and features a total of 4200 square feet of instructional studio space.
Drawing and Painting Student Galleries

Faculty: Dan Scott, Chad Erpelding, Kate Walker Astri SnodgrassĀ