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pouring molten metalThe sculpture program at Boise State University offers students the opportunity to explore and engage the world through sculptural practice. At all levels of instruction emphasis is placed on efficacy of communication through three-dimensional form, utilizing the most appropriate methodology and material available.  To facilitate this approach, the sculpture area introduces students to an extreme breadth of materials and processes, and cultivates a thorough understanding of contemporary developments in fine art through sustained research.

students sculpting by hand

Beginning classes stress creative and technical process, and introduce formal language, materials, and referential communication. Intermediate classes elaborate on sculptural processes, materials, and ideas, with course offerings in Assembled Form, Cast Form, Traditional Processes, 3D Digital Processes, and Expanded Formats. Advanced courses encourage students to define a distinct thesis, and to articulate the relationship of their artistic practice to art history, theory, and contemporary culture.

The BFA degree prepares students to pursue a career in making sculpture for exhibition and public competition. In addition, the skill set and critical capacity cultivated in the sculpture area serve as excellent preparation for employment in various fields of custom fabrication, including pattern making for industry, foundry, and CAD/CAM fabrication.  Finally, BFA degree recipients from the sculpture area are viable candidates for continued study and professional development via pursuit of an MFA degree.

students using computer to plan sculptureFacilities include a foundry with ceramic shell investment for pouring bronze and aluminum, a CNC router with a 4’ x 4’ x 5” work envelope, 3D laser scanners, FDM 3D printer, Rhinoceros 3D modeling software, access to an SLA rapid prototyping machine through partnership with TechHelp, a workroom with compressed air and pneumatic hand tools, an outdoor, covered metal fabrication area, and a small but functional woodshop. Upper-level sculpture majors receive a personal workbench and locker.

The Sculpture program is situated in the Liberal Arts building and features a total of 4300 square feet of instructional studio space.
Sculpture Student Galleries

Faculty:  Francis Fox, Lily Lee