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Julie Green Exhibition, The Last Supper, Liberal Arts Gallery, for Kirsten Furlong

Current Visual Arts Center Exhibitions and Events

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Maria Chavez, Eli Craven Exhibition

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 30th, 2018 5-7pm
Visual Arts Center – Gallery One (Liberal Arts Building 170)
Exhibition continues through October 29th, 2018
Gallery hours: M-Th 10am-5pm Fr 10am-2pm

The project “Swimming and Diving” by Maria Chavez and Eli Craven started with the discovery of a set of American Red Cross safety manuals. From a contemporary point of view, the contents of the manuals contained narrow representations of life-safety. Questions regarding the use of the instructions and imagery followed; if removed from their original context, in what ways could they be reinterpreted? This idea became the impetus for an installation centered on precaution, rescue, and human value. The installation confronts the subject matter in the manuals while exploring the physical relationship between the image and the object, movement and containment, and how a safety manual can be experienced in a physical space.

The installation work of Eli Craven and Maria Chavez comes from the interdisciplinary overlap of architecture and the visual arts. Their collaborations search for new meaning through the reinterpretation of conventional ideas.

Pulped under pressure card

Opening Reception: August 30th, 2018 5-7pm
Visual Arts Center – Gallery Two Hemingway Center 110
Exhibition continues through October 25th, 2018
Gallery hours: M-Th 10am-5pm Fr 10am-2pm

With traditional hand papermaking at its core, Pulped Under Pressure underscores important contemporary issues steeped in history and craft. The exhibition artworks encourage a contemplative slowing down even as they address some of the most pressing issues facing civilization today.
Jillian Bruschera
Julia Goodman
Reni Gower
Trisha Oralie Martin
Melissa Potter
Marilyn Propp
Maggie Puckett

Funding for Pulped Under Pressure was made possible in part by Virginia Commonwealth University, VCU Arts, and VCU Painting and Printmaking Department.