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Visual Arts Center Exhibitions and Events

FotoFilmic Exhibition, Curators Gallery Talk, and Workshop

Fotofilmic // The New Face of Film
2013-2015 Retrospective Exhibition featuring the work of 20 international photographers
September 1st- October 21st, 2016
Opening reception and Curators Gallery Talk: September 1st, 2016 6-8pm
Gallery Talk with Fotofilmic’s Bastien Desfriches Doria and Virginie Lamarche begins at 6pm followed by a reception until 8pm     Visual Arts Center – Gallery 2 (Hemingway Center)
The New Face of Film curated by Fotofilmic assembles 20 photographers to present a unique worldview of contemporary photography’s material practices. The exhibition’s underlying vision frames a defining moment and transitionary occupation of film-based photography and its rich lineage of physical craft and recording methods in the context of today’s global digital culture.
Learn more about the exhibition and Fotofilmic here:
Exhibition and gallery talk sponsored by the Visual Arts Center and the Visiting Artist and Scholar Program.

September 2, 2016, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Visual Arts Center, Gallery 2 Hemingway Center
$125.00 for Boise State Students   $150.00 to the general public
Register now at this link:  (limited to 15 participants!)×10-instant-film-workshop-at-bsu/
Following its coast-to-coast tour last year visiting 8 leading photography institutions from San Francisco to New York, FotoFilmic is excited to bring its unique 8×10 Impossible Project Workshop event series to Boise State University this fall! Offering a small group of students and photographers a practical introduction to large format studio portraiture with hands-on training on how to load, shoot, process and archive The Impossible Project’s 8×10 black-and-white and color instant film emulsions, this 4-hour workshop will have each participant delve into big analog photography fun and achieve 1 to 3 professional artistic portraits to keep and bring back home. FotoFilmic provides all necessary equipment.


Ni De Aquí Ni De Allá and Dog Head Stew Print Portfolios

The Visual Arts Center opens our 2016/2017 season with an exhibition of two print portfolios.  The prints will be on display at Visual Arts Center – Gallery One located in the Liberal Arts Building from August 22 – September 14th, 2016 with a public reception on Thursday, September 1st from 6-8pm.

Ni De Aquí Ni De Allá/Neither Here Nor There: Contemporary Mexican Printmaking on Both Sides of the Border

This portfolio features contemporary Mexican printmakers from both the United States and Mexico. The exchange unites artists that have similar cultural backgrounds despite efforts made by politicians that aim to stratify populations. The prints reflect issues concerning today’s Mexican/Mexican-American, and also shed light on border issues and the ever-changing face of this nation. This eclectic group of artists is comprised of traditional, non-traditional, academic, and DIY printmakers. There is a rich history of Mexican printmaking and this portfolio exchange evidences that this tradition continues to evolve on both sides of the border. The portfolio was organized by Rogelio Gutierrez, Assistant Professor of Printmaking at Arizona State University-School of Art.

Francisco Alonzo
Alan Altamirano (Mk Kabrito)
Julia Caporal
Chema Chino
Juan De Dios Mora
Fernando De León
Janet Diaz
Sebastian Gallegos
Armando Gómez
Gabriela González
Abraham González Pacheco
Rogelio Gutierrez
Miguel Ledezma
Rosalie López
Emmanuel López López
Gabriela Martinez
Xilberto L. Nunéz
Carmen Razo
Coral Revueltas
Humberto Saenz
Alejandro Villalbazo

Dog Head Stew – The Second Course

This unique portfolio celebrates Native American traditions and cultural persistence, which over time and situation has been redefined, honored, manipulated, categorized and stereotyped, but not vanquished.  This portfolio invites personal and political expression honoring or criticizing past and present representations of Native American culture. The title comes from the story/recipe “Dog Head Stew (for Fifty People)” by Dorothy Pennington, which can be found in the book, The Way: An Anthology of American Indian Literature by respected Mohawk anthropologist and educator Shirley Hill Will. It is the depiction of an imaginary feast in which the Native Americans throwing the feast pretend to live up to the stereotype of being savages to get rid of their unwanted, non-native dinner guests. For this portfolio, the artists were asked – What has changed in the past ten years for the indigenous community of North America?  Where do Native Americans fit into the sphere of the United States, and subsequently, to the world?  Graphic icons such as the Cleveland Indian are still used in today’s culture, how much power do those images still possess? The artists, who come from a variety of cultural backgrounds, created prints with traditional and non-traditional archival print media.  The portfolio was organized by Elizabeth Klimek and Melanie Yazzie and was recently purchased by the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Collection.

Lynne Allen
Laura Bentz
Burt Bucher
Brooke Bulovsky Cameron
Matthew Egan
Kirsten Furlong
Oscar Jay Gillespie
Elizabeth Klimek
Jean McComas
Leah Matthews
Jacob Meders
David Mohallatee
Heather Muise
Sue Pearson
Nicole Pietrantoni
Michael Reed
Kathryn Reeves
Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
Neal Ambrose-Smith
Kryssi Staikidis
C. Maxx Stevens
Glory Tacheenie-Campoy
Ericka Walker
Melanie Yazzie

Laura Bentz